A Pocket Expert Guide to Marine Fishes

Read a good reef book lately ? Lets hear about it.

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A Pocket Expert Guide to Marine Fishes

Post by SaltnLime »

This is a handy sized reader by Scott w. Michael. I have seen a few people with it and Liz dug it out a few times today...So I picked one up at Reefer's Aquatics <plug> . Nice pics and some info to. Certainly not an exhaustive guide , but seems to be a good all around quick guide for common marine fish.

The perfect size for bathroom reading :oops: :shock:

That is just in case someone wants to borrow mine and not pony up and get your own !
"Well......maybe I did get alittle carried away! "
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Post by lzb3 »

I agree with all, except that I prefer Julian Sprung's Coral book for a good "potty" read! :shock:

Elizabeth :wink:
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