Toadstool Fraggin

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Toadstool Fraggin

Post by dave3112 »

Anyone have any suggestions on the best way to frag a toad stool? I have read several different options as far as cutting the crown off and leaving just the stalk, and then cutting the crown into pieces. Or just cutting the pieces of the crown.
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Post by cnovak »

JUst let Ivan come wipe out most of your tank and you can frag nothing..... sorry, still ticked off about my losses.
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Post by Amyjoe »

I don't know about the toadstool but Kevin cut two of my devils hands off at the base..... the bases did fine the tops didn't die but they haven't gotten over it yet.
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Post by Brandon »

Maybe light a few candles and put on some Barry White. :twisted:
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Post by snoopdog »

It makes zero difference how to cut one unless you are going for a certain haircut. You can cut one into small pieces, as long as they get light and some flow.
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